The Existential Movement

  • Friday 8th September 2023

The Existential Movement and the quest for meaning, emotonal well-being and authenticity in a complex and rapidly changing world. This paper discusses the Existential Movement's significance, who can benefit from it, the contributions of existential authors, and why politicians should get involved. 

Fourth World Congress of Existential Therapy June 3-6, 2026 Denver/Aurora, Colorado, United States

28th May '24

Fourth World Congress of Existential Therapy Theme : "Community, Authenticity, & the Mystery of Being"

What is Existential Anxiety?

19th Mar '24

Tuesday 3rdĀ DecemberĀ 2024 2pm - 4pm with Dr Nancy Hakim-Dowek

The Existential Movement

8th Sep '23

In a world often entangled in chaos, the existential movement emerges as a beacon of hope and wisdom, guiding us towards understanding, purpose, and ultimately, a brighter future.